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Facebook Group for 46 Waltham Street Artists


Boston’s 46 Waltham Street Artists Now Have a Public Facebook Group

Boston, MA – June 13, 2014 – Boston’s 46 Waltham Street Artists now have a public Facebook group at https://www.facebook.com/groups/46WalthamStreetArtists. All artists who work or show their work at 46 Waltham Street are invited to join.

The Facebook group’s founder and organizer is Kevin Reid Haynes, a painter and multimedia and video artist who works out of #303 B at 46 Waltham. Motivated in part by the desire to draw public attention to 46 Waltham, Haynes stated “In recent years we have been losing foot traffic to the newer artist buildings and galleries on Harrison Street. I want to get more people into 46 Waltham Street to see the beautiful work that is being created by some of the most talented artists in Boston.”

In addition to using the Facebook group as a promotional forum for 46 Waltham, Haynes’s mission is to foster and strengthen the 46 Waltham community by creating an online space for engaging with ideas and fostering opportunities for activities such as group showings. “The multimedia artist in me also wants to encourage the artists in our building to utilize social media by sharing photos and videos of their work,” said Haynes. Artists who join the Facebook group are invited to post images and videos, announce shows, and share information with both their fellow artists and the public.

Built in the late 1800s, the former a piano factory at 46 Waltham is host to 73 studios. The artists’ community at 46 Waltham includes painters, printmakers, photographers, videographers, knitters, sculptors, furniture makers and crafters. Those interested in joining can contact Kevin Reid Haynes through the Facebook group at
https://www.facebook.com/groups/46WalthamStreetArtists or via email at art@kevinhaynes.com.

Kevin Reid Haynes
46 Waltham Street Suite #303 B
Boston, MA 02118
Ph: 617-756-5341

Facebook Group for 46 Waltham Street Artists