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On Wednesday, June 26th 2013 the supreme court of the United States of America ruled DOMA (“The Defense of Marriage Act”) – the law barring the federal government from recognizing same sex marriages within states – to be unconstitutional
This historic ruling is a giant step forward for our country, for equality, and for the human race.

Following the decision to end DOMA the Supreme court also shot down Proposition 8 and lifted an over four year ban on gay marriage in the state of California.

On Wednesday night California showed their support by lighting the front of the State House with the colors of the rainbow.

This video including the following animated doodle of the California State House are inspired by this historic week and the colors that represent peace, equality, pride and love.

This Video is Titled “#iSupportLOVE”

Please show your support for LOVE by sharing this video with your friends and family.

I’m Kevin Haynes – I’m an artist in Boston Massachusetts and #iSupportLove


#iSupportLOVE DOMA Ends

#iSupportLOVE California State House Doodle

#iSupportLOVE Rainbow Lights Gay Rights