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Inspiring Artist Quotes

Who doesn’t need a little creative inspiration now and again? I know I do. So, I’m adding a collection of inspiring quotes by famous artists and important people who support the arts in upcoming blog posts.

Be sure to swing by the inspiring art quotes page on my art blog whenever you need a healthy dose of creative inspiration. I’m adding these for myself as much as I am for you!

Do you have a favorite inspiring quote by a famous artist or art supporter?

Be sure to let me know if you have a favorite art quote that you’d like to see on my blog so get our creative juices flowing together. 

Don’t be a greedy artist – share your creative knowledge and inspiration with the rest of us in the comments now!

Thanks in advance.

PS I’m adding the images I create for each one of these inspiring artist quotes on my Kevin Haynes Art Pinterst page too. Go get pinning.