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My en plein air iPad sketch of the famous Motif Number 1 in Rockport, Massachusetts.

Motif number one is one of the most painted buildings in America, according to Wikipedia. I’ve always wanted to study the it so on a Saturday morning this past June I drove to Rockport and spent a couple of hours on my iPad creating a digital sketch of the historically significant fishing shack.

The sky was bright blue and it was a gorgeous day. I originally intended to sketch the other side of Motif Number 1, but a boat was blocking my view so I walked around to capture the less often painted side. Be sure to check out the related video to see each digital brush stroke…and get mesmerized by the colors and fascinated by the amazing technology packed into a little iPad.

About “en plein air iPad painting of Motif Number 1”

This is a view of Motif Number 1 from the side I painted.

Motif Number 1 Rockport


This shows the more often painted side.

Motif Number 1 View