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Making KevDoodles

KevDoodles Cutout Owl

Lights. Camera. #KevDoodles Today im in my studio making a cut out owl from construction paper and filming the process on a green screen table. Tracing various shapes on paper and cutting out with scissors then arranging shapes to create an owl. Part of this project will be used in the first full episode of [...]

My Octopus Painting is Finished

Octopus painting by Kevin Haynes

You can find it on my galleries. But its not for sale. It is going to my nephew Ian who asked me to paint him an octopus last Christmas. I had never painted sealife before but I thought an octopus had great potential as an interesting subject for an oil painting. Painting this octopus inspired [...]

June 19 2014 46 Waltham Street Artists' First Mingle

YOU'RE INVITED 46 WALTHAM STREET ARTISTS' FIRST MINGLE HOSTED BY KEVIN HAYNES & DYLAN USCHER Come mingle with other artists who work and show at 46 Waltham Street. The purpose of this informal group meeting is to get to know your fellow artists and to share ideas about how we can all benefit from our [...]

Facebook Group for 46 Waltham Street Artists

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Boston’s 46 Waltham Street Artists Now Have a Public Facebook Group Boston, MA - June 13, 2014 - Boston’s 46 Waltham Street Artists now have a public Facebook group at All artists who work or show their work at 46 Waltham Street are invited to join. The Facebook group’s founder and [...]

15 Second Watermelon Painting

My time lapse painting of a slice of watermelon. Made originally for Instagram. Inspired by Summer. Watermelon fine art prints are for sale at Kevin Haynes Art.   Project: Watermelon Painting Category: Painting, New Media Style: Abstract, Time Lapse Video Software: Adobe Premiere Pro

"Abstract Painting Part 1" Commissioned abstract painting in progress - part one. Painting in my art studio in Boston. See more on my Instagram  Project: Commissioned Abstract Painting 1 Category: Painting, New Media Style: Abstract, Time Lapse Video Software: Adobe Premiere Pro #commissioned #artwork #abstract #painting #inprogress #abstractart #bostonart  

My en plein air iPad sketch of the famous Motif Number 1 in Rockport, Massachusetts. Motif number one is one of the most painted buildings in America, according to Wikipedia. I've always wanted to study the it so on a Saturday morning this past June I drove to Rockport and spent a couple of hours [...]

Painting a Sun

I made this multimedia video artwork of me painting a sun, from my summer inspired series, with animation, music, and a variety of painting and digital editing tools. My goal was to create an entertaining, light, and upbeat art video to inspire thoughts of summer for both adults and children to enjoy. I painted the [...]

Sun is from my artworks inspired by summer series of abstract and modern-style art prints. My process of creating this work or art started with a painting of the sun on paper. After painting the sun, I digitized the painting, enhanced the image on the computer, and prepared it for high-resolution printing. The orange and yellow sun [...]

Inspiring Artist Quotes

My collection of inspiring artist and inspirational art related quotes by famous artists and important people who support the arts.

I'm very happy to announce that I have a new online art gallery storefront for Kevin Haynes Art. My newest works are available on the store now. Stay tuned for more works of art available for purchase, including prints, originals, and other cool art merchandise. Purchase Kevin Haynes Art Online

Filming the process of creating the painting of a slice of watermelon in my Boston art studio back in the winter of 2013 for my summer inspired series of artwork prints. I filmed the painting process overhead with my JVC ProHD camera and lit with fluorescent soft box video lighting. I painted the slice of watermelon [...]